Friday, December 15, 2017

Do I Need a Dental Crown or a Veneer?

There are a variety of dental treatments available to improve not only the aesthetics of your smile but the sustained health of your teeth. Depending on the extent of damage to your enamel, the overall health of the tooth, and your smile goals choosing between a dental crown and a veneer can be difficult. At the dental practice of James T. White, we provide both options to ensure our patients receive the treatments they need. Below is a guide to choosing between a dental crown or a porcelain veneer.

Teeth can become discolored as well due to consuming certain highly pigmented foods and drinks.

Dental Crowns for Healthy, Strong Teeth

Over time, dental enamel becomes thinner and more susceptible to decay and damage. If a cavity has developed and is left untreated, the health of your smile is at risk. A dental crown is used after the decay has been removed. This restoration allows for the tooth to be protected from further damage and restores the structure. Restorative treatment can ensure a tooth lasts far longer and appears healthy. Porcelain crowns add the benefit of encompassing the entire tooth. Crowns can restore the entire structure, and with shade matching the porcelain, can ensure the restoration blends seamlessly with the rest of the teeth.

Veneers for Achieving Uniform, White Smile

At our practice, we offer aesthetically pleasing porcelain for aesthetic restorations. Porcelain veneers are a great option for patients who may have damaged the structure of a tooth due to trauma, but the tooth is otherwise healthy. Dental veneers can create a new surface that is shaped to fit the specific look you desire. However, veneers do not protect against decay as crowns do.

Conservative Treatment

It is important to consider the extent of treatment needed for an individual tooth. Crowns are used specifically to treat extensive decay and are considered a treatment focusing on the sustained health of a natural tooth through the removal of affected enamel. Applying dental veneers requires the alteration of tooth surfaces, but preserves the majority of the dental structure. While veneers are superficial, crowns ensure the treated tooth is whole and durable over time.

Aesthetic Restorations for a Beautiful Smile

Dr. James T. White and Dr. David C. Yongue are ready to answer any questions on choosing between a veneer or a crown. To schedule a visit, contact our practice today!

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